Remember Lazarus

Last week, I got news that a friend of mine, Manouchka Charles, got into a serious car accident in Mexico and is in critical conditions. Family and friends here in the U.S. are frantic and we feel helpless. However, there is an overflow of love on our social media platforms. We are posting pictures, status and sharing videos about her, requesting everyone to pray. We are locking hands and locking faith together.

This current circumstance is demanding lots of encouragement and comfort. One of our mutual friends is undergoing some emotional distress due to all of this. I’m talking with her and I tell her, “Remember Lazarus.” Many of us are familiar with Lazarus’ story. He was a friend of Jesus, a friend that He loved. He got sick and his sisters Mary and Martha sent word to Jesus saying, “The one whom you love is sick.” By the time Jesus gets there, he’s been dead for 4 days. I can image there was a stench and deterioration of his organs. Lazarus was DEAD and DONE. Dead with failed organs. Done with life. But God was NOT done with him.

Manouchka is ALIVE, she is in ICU. Why am I saying to remember Lazarus? Because his story was an IMPOSSIBLE circumstance for humans’ capability. The doctors couldn’t do anything. His sister couldn’t do anything. Money couldn’t do anything. Experts and teachers of the Law couldn’t do anything but Jesus COULD and He DID. If Jesus could raise him from the dead, He can heal our dear friend in Mexico.

Like Lazarus, God is NOT done with Manouchka. Her story is NOT over. This is my declaration. This is my way of “speaking to this mountain.” He has so much to accomplish through her. Many will come to know Jesus through her testimony. In the midst of shock, Martha was reacting in a natural manner believing that her brother was dead for good. Jesus said to her, “Did I not tell you that if you believed you would see the glory of God?” I believe that this story is in the bible to help build our faith to believe in God when we are faced with challenges. We need to believe in God. If you are reading this, I’m asking that you join with my friends and I who are praying and believing for divine healing for Manouchka. God is able. He did it before. He can DO IT AGAIN!!! #ManuStrong #PrayersForManu

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    1. Aww! God is doing something BIG. I can feel it. I know it. And I believe it. When those words “remember Lazarus” slipped out of my mouth, I knew this was a confirmation and I just had to write about it. Thanks for reading sis.


  1. Hey Tulip, thanks for sharing such a vulnerable and personal post. I was definitely touched by Manouchka’s story and like yourself I am believing God for her healing and breakthrough. Thanks for reminder that God is the God before whom death can not stand and must bow. May Manouchka live to testify of this wonderful truth in Jesus name!!

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