Dear Dinah

Dear Dinah
“You are of great value.”
[[Based on a True Story: Genesis 34]]


Dear Dinah,

Out of all the women in the bible you have the saddest narrative, innocent and defiled. Still, the man who defiled you suddenly loves you enough to ask for your hand in marriage. After he shamed you, degraded and debased you for many to see. Doubtlessly, at this time, a deflowered woman, reduced in quality and your value was as good as worthless. A woman’s virginity was valued above all else. It was taken away from you.

Our modern culture has normalized sexual violence. It is quite common to hear a woman was sexually assaulted. And there are those who grieve in silence with shame and fear.

Too many victims of rape have been marginalized. Here is a popular misconception: only promiscuous women get raped. So we blame the victim, “she asked for it.” “She did something that must have been misinterpreted.” “She was drinking.” “She didn’t say no.” “She dressed overtly sexy.” Some may go as far to question if her story is true. We’ve established a culture where we treat victims as though this unfortunate experience is preventable, or evitable. We aren’t going to undue the perpetrator’s responsibility. Inebriation is not a valid reason be raped. There will never be a valid reason to rape someone.

As I read your story I couldn’t help but notice that you never spoke. You stayed in silence. Gratefully you had a group of brothers who took a stand to avenge you. I wouldn’t say their reaction is pardoned but their action displays their allegiance to making sure people knew your worth. Indeed, you are of great value.

Modern Day Dinah, I know there are so many of you. One of the most frightening statistics says “Every 98 seconds someone in the U.S. is sexually assaulted.” That’s heartrending! Yet, an increased amount of stories like yours are swept under the rug, while the villain is on the loose roaming for his next prey. Don’t succumb to the blame. This is not your fault. No one has any right to violate you. What we are not going to do is act like this didn’t happen to you. You are not alone. You may not have a father or brothers to avenge, fear not and hide not. Speak up! Your voice is your weapon; don’t be afraid to use it.



Strongly together & Inspired by,

 Is this “your story?” Can you identify with Dinah? Do you empathize with her? Is her issue your issue? Here is the call to action: Share this post to help other women who need this. Please, use the hashtags #MyStoryIsInTheBible #IAmDinah #MeToo

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