Dear Sapphira

Dear Sapphira
“God over husband”
[[Based on a True Story: Book of Acts 5:1-10]]

Dear Sapphira,

Your memoir holds tons of weight. Why? Well, for one this is the only encounter we see in the bible regarding a woman interacting with the Holy Spirit. The other thing is seeing the consequences of when we sin against the Holy Spirit. Third, seeing what happens when we stand by our husband by lying to God.

Should I give a disclaimer for doctrine purposes? Hey! sure, why not… better safe than sorry. This post is NOT about or in support of women being DEFIANT against their husbands. I adhere to traditional values; husbands are the head of their home. That’s as real as it gets.

Back to you Sapphira, the news reporter said that your husband Ananias sold a property but kept a portion of the proceeds. He then gave the remaining portion to Peter hoping to mislead him to believe that the property was sold for that amount. Peter confronts him about it. But your husband never got a chance to repent, he died immediately after Peter reprimanded and accused him of lying to God.

In your defense, you didn’t participate in the crime, but you had knowledge of it the report said. This proved you to be innocent. However when Peter confronted you, you held on to the lie of your husband and agreed it was for that price that the property was sold. You weren’t killed for the sin of your husband. You died for your own sin. You lied to the Holy Spirit. Your memoir teaches us a very important lesson, that salvation is personal. Though two people may be married, one might make it to heaven and the other not. Though you are one with your husband, punishment is personal, to each his own.

Debate time: I know many people have said in the past that we must stick with our husbands and do what they tell us. My question to you, why did Sapphira died if she just stuck with her husband’s decisions?

Modern day Sapphira, you have modernized submission these days. Submission has become a choice rather than an obligation. We can’t modernize God’s principles. His principles remain unchanged. In addition, those who choose to defy them are susceptible to the penalty. Your allegiance is primary to God and then your husband. Stick by your husband’s side. Have his back. Support this dream. Submit to him. But when it comes to sin; submit to God.


Strongly together & Inspired by,

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