You Have to GROW Through It

“Nothing good comes easy” Renaldo Connor.

 Imagine if you never did sit-ups, crunches, planks, would you ever have a six-pack? Working-out, going to the gym requires discipline and consistency. When the lactic acid builds up and burns, we still have to keep going. It is through this environment that we build muscle. It has to be done.

People HATE to go through things, hardships, pain, drama and challenges. Hardships have a way of intimidated people. Once the mission get tough, instead of pushing through it, we press the “ABORT” button. One word of advice, GROW! We have to go through things. This is a part of life. Don’t just go through but grow through it; there is at least one lesson at the end.

I must admit some of us have some audacious dreams, BOLD, RICH, INCREDIBLE, INNOVATIVE and ASTRONOMICAL dreams. That’s a good thing. I admire anyone who gird their loins to go after their lion-size-dreams.

In this piece, my motivational words are derived from the quote above authored by my father.

Daddy loves to say this, “nothing good comes easy.” It didn’t mean much to me growing up but as I evolved into the adult undertakings, I started seeing the legitimacy of the saying. It is concordant with facts; nothing good really comes easy. And if it is easy, further down the line, you will soon realize it was counterfeit all along.

It is often quoted; “the early bird gets the worm.” But, it takes more than just being an early riser. We need to also consider this; the enduring bird gets the worm. The ones who are strong enough to withstand the storms, droughts, pestilences and locusts of life get to acquire their dauntless dreams.

When you dream, dream BIG. It is ok to feel like a midget and have a giant size dream. That’s completely fine, it is achievable. Don’t avoid the difficult ones. We can’t judge a dream by its difficulty. Do you want a mine filled with gold? This is going to require the hard work of digging. Start digging because only the strong, courageous and persistent can obtain it. Those with audacious goals can’t have an itinerary like ordinary folks, late to rise and early to set.

When you are faced with hardships, because they WILL come, remember what you are going through is to refine you for something that you may have asked or are ready for. For this reason, be strong and courageous.

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