A considerable number of us have been waiting for January 1st. Waiting to bring into existence this “New Me” that everyone has been looking forward to. We are all programmed to wait on this day in order to bring the much-needed change, the New Year resolutions. Everyone all around the world are full of excitement, making new vows and setting new goals, establishing a new you and a new me… Oh and getting new SHOES!!!

Considering that we may have closed 2017 with some unfinished business, some unmet goals, missed opportunities and more problems, we press toward the mark of a new hope. We are opening gym memberships, subscribing to a healthy eating plan, new spending habits, new body and job. If our boyfriend isn’t acting right then he is definitely on the chopping block.

It’s a New Year with an aspiration for new things! But… while on this odyssey, don’t get caught up in the hoopla to set impulsive and unreachable dreams. When we start a change cold turkey, we are likely to fail. Don’t make so many drastic changes to the point where you become foreign to yourself. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals. When we set unrealistic goals, they are sure to go unmet.

You have ONE life to live. Time awaits no one. We all have 24 hours in a day. What you choose to do with it is up to you. But whatever it is you do, make it worth it. So… go ahead and LIVE! Explore! Do cartwheels. Take a leap of faith. Follow the Son. Aim for the stars. Emit light. Make no excuses. Don’t wait for an invitation, a friend, or a million dollars to live your life to the fullest. Make the best of it.

Live, Love and Let the Festivities Begin!

Happy New Year!


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Thank you for reading.


7 thoughts on “2018

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  1. Yes RoseGold, you make a great point! Our goals should always be attainable, measurable and realistic otherwise we are merely setting ourselves up to fail. As much as God requires our faith for the unseen and the miraculous, He has also given us common sense and wisdom for everyday living…we just have to use it…one day at a time 😊

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  2. Thank you for this Rose, especially the reminder of unfinished business and having one life to live. This year, I’m choosing to finish things I’ve started; like my fitness journey. I can’t wait to approach this year as one day at a time.

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